PetroNOC is a data management and analytics company focused on providing National Oil Companies (NOCs) with custom-made digital oilfield services. We are a member of the Petrolink Group of Companies and our solutions are built on Petrolink technology.

Challenges of Complex Technology Environments

PetroNOC understands the specific challenges NOCs face. A range of various technologies, software, infrastructures and service companies create a complex environment for an NOC and its management resulting in a disconnection of the technologies involved. Off-the-shelf data management products are ineffective because they are proprietary by design and not meant to encompass the variety and voracity of an NOCs' corporate and analytical needs. In addition, traditional licensed software when used across the entire operation of an NOC's enterprise becomes cost prohibitive. The result of these challenges often causes your corporate data infrastructure to devolve into silos of isolated information.

We have developed tailor-made technology solutions for the largest NOCs worldwide. In partnership with these NOCs, we deliver the required expertise, technology and know-how saving valuable design and implementation time. These proven solutions along with our industry leading expertise, have delivered these solutions which have resulted in substantial savings and reduced uncertainty.

Complete Data Input/Output Flexibility – We can work with any vendor's data

PetroNOC's flexibility at the rig site and in the office is our competitive advantage. PetroNOC has the ability to collect data from any service company in any format and standardize it to WITSML, the industry standard. Using the WITSML standard enables quick access to information as well as allows for 3rd party applications to access and utilize the data in real-time. We support a variety of data standards including WITSML for drilling and RESQML for earth modeling.

Custom Solutions for Streamlined Integration and Interoperability

PetroNOC's technology assessment process allows an efficient approach to understanding the technology environment's requirements. Then, based on those requirements, we are able to propose appropriate solutions and time estimates. Through our in-house development team, we build customized software solutions upon our benchmark technologies to meet your needs. PetroNOC respects the existing set of technologies used by NOCs and takes on the role of integrating them to enable interoperability. We work together with your drilling and geological teams to ensure you have the user specific displays and analytical tools needed to make better decisions in real-time.

Independent and Vendor Neutral – No Conflicts of Interest

PetroNOC's independence and vendor neutrality positions us as an independent hub being able to incorporate any data from any vendor to any party without creating conflicts of interest. It's only with this service that an NOC can truly achieve the desired outcomes in their technology integration.

PetroNOC offers just that. We have developed integrated and independent solutions that can be customized based on your needs.

PetroNOC delivers unbiased data that's accurate, aggregated and always available. Data security and integrity is the pillar of our business.