PetroNOC consulting is dedicated to providing solutions and support to National Oil Companies facing technical staff shortages for highly-demanding engineering practices such as precise management of the wellbore pressure profile and geosteering. Partnering with your drilling department, our goal is to strengthen knowledge to maximize efficiency even on the most difficult and demanding projects.

Drilling projects require continuous and evolving work on the optimization of designs, operations and costs, and during well interventions to help reach geologic and volumetric objectives. PetroNOC consulting has extensive expertise and specialized knowledge in areas including drilling, completions, geology, and geomechanics. These are integrated by clear workflows and proven methodologies with flexible self-developed information management techniques to anticipate and mitigate well intervention challenges.

Our ultimate goal is to be the "on-demand" part of your engineering team, leveraging our services with our capacity to adapt and work as a virtual arm of your drilling department. We understand that accelerating and improving the engineering decision-making process is a matter of being flexible, reliable and cost-efficient.