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Specifically tailored to the needs of the oil and gas industry

A new way of sharing high-volume data with lower latency, ETP is an advanced data exchange specification that enables the efficient transfer of data between applications and systems. It defines a data streaming mechanism so that data receivers do not have to poll for data and can receive new data as soon as they are available from a data provider.

The protocol is a simple API consisting of messages passed between the client and server to initiate and close sessions, identify the data available on a server, initiate transfer of some subset of that data, and other functions.

The cornerstone of a new generation

The initial use case was for real-time data however, that has already expanded to include functionality for data discovery, real-time notification of data changes and interactions with a data store.

ETP has initially been implemented as a companion to the WITSML standard and will be the cornerstone for the next major generation of WITSML. ETP is also expected to be used by other Energistics standards.