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   Whitepapers & Articles

•  [SPE-178025-MS] Well Engineering Schematics for Design and Analysis using Digital Well Files (Saudi Aramco - Petrolink)

•  [SPE-178024-MS] Application Suite for 24/7 Real Time Operation Centers (Saudi Aramco - Petrolink)

•  [SPE-177407-MS] Utilization of Single Real Time Data Visualization and Transmission Solution in Oil and Gas Field Development (Saudi Aramco - Petrolink)

•  [SPE-176799-MS] Saudi Aramco Real-Time Drilling Operation Activity Recognition & Analysis Engine ( Saudi Aramco - Petrolink )

•  [SPE-176798-MS] Fusion of Real Time Data Transmission and Visualization to Optimize Exploration Well Testing Operations (Saudi Aramco - Petrolink)

•  [SPE-167813-MS] An Innovative Approach To Select Shallow Casing Points Remotely, Utilizing Real-Time WITSML Data (Saudi Aramco - Petrolink)

•  [SPE-167402-MS] Impact of WITSML Data Surveillance on Shallow Casing Points (Saudi Aramco - Petrolink)

•  [SPE-163709-MS] Design of an Automated Drilling Prediction System - Strengthening While-Drilling Decision Making (Petrolink)

•  [SPE-160831-MS] Upstream Data Standards at Saudi Aramco (Saudi Aramco)

•  [SPE-150278-MS] WITSML: Laying the Foundation for Increasing Efficiency of Intelligent Wellsite Communications (Saudi Aramco, Petrolink, Baker ,SLB,
     HAL, Energistics, Digital Oil Field)

•  [SPWLA-2012-175] Improving Real-Time Drilling Optimization Applying Engineering Performance From Offset Wells (Petrolink)

•  [OTC-23180 MS] Applying a Real-Time Engineering Methodology To Drill Ahead of Potential Undesirable Events (Pemex - Petrolink)

•  [SPE-125339-MS] Saudi Aramco RTOC, Collaborative, Safe and Effective Delivery of Wells from Start to Finish (Saudi Aramco)

•  [SPE-116848-MS] Data Architecture of Real-Time Drilling and Completions Information at Saudi Aramco (Saudi Aramco - Petrolink)