Single Network Access for Authorized Parties

One of the challenges for NOCs face today is that data is being generated at the rig site by service providers on their own networks, and specialists and contractors do not have access to these networks as they work for the National Oil Companies (NOC).

It is not cost effective to extend the NOC corporate network to all rigs so PetroDMZ provides you with a low cost alternative to securely aggregate data from all service providers granting a single network all authorized parties can access.


Fully Customizable to Your Needs

PetroDMZ allows NOCs to remotely control the security and rights to access the system. It's a specialized platform providing firewall protection and control of digital data from multiple sources and protocols on the rig. With multiple input ports, it can be configured per a client's specific requirements through the addition of USB, RS232 or RS484 inputs, along with the 4 Firewalled Router ports and 1 WAN port. And access between ports may be granted or blocked by an administrator depending on the situation.

The data is buffered internally to facilitate stable data communications between the rig and office. Over 100 days of data may be stored internally should the need arise.