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Integrated, Single Platform for all your Real-Time Needs

Oil and Gas Operators now have the laborious task of having to source multiple vendors and solutions to meet their day to day requirements. This involves the pre-qualification, evaluation and tendering processes for multiple companies and providers at huge costs.

Even after selecting the multiple vendor solutions there are then data integration issues and multiple new systems to learn. This often causes Operators not to get the most out of the applications and solutions they have spent millions investing in.

Single Provider to Utilize your Data in Multiple System Modules

By providing a single integrated platform, Operators now have the choice to bring in a single trusted provider to meet a number of their requirements ensuring that the ability to utilize data into different system modules is a simple process. All of these benefits ensure that Operators make the most of the solutions they have without having to stop and figure out "how can I get my information into another vendors application?", to which the answer to is, spend even more money for connectors.

Cloud-based System – Internal or External Implementation

The PetroVue Platform makes the things you do on a daily basis simple and Petrolink's service ensures data management is taken care of by experts. The system can be implemented on the external cloud or an internal Private Cloud making it an ideal solution for National Oil Companies.

PetroVue Platform: One-stop-shop for use of real-time and historical data

The solution is a single platform made up of a number of modules. These modules serve many purposes and give system users a one-stop-shop for their use of real-time and historical well data. From the planning stages through to historical analysis.

The system works with Petrolink's market leading service. We bring you the data and populate the platform’s Data Hub which supports the latest WITSML and ETP data standards from the Energistics community. Data can then be visualized and analyzed, and synthetic (calculated) data can be created using the Big Data Analytics Engine (DAE).

Our vendor neutral status means an unbiased view of your operations

As the market leader in Real-Time data management, we are focused on providing a system that gives our customers the real story of their Operations. Our unbiased vendor neutral standpoint gives you confidence in your analysis.