Keeping your wells on target and on budget requires working with massive amounts of data that must be accurate, aggregated and readily available.

Petrolink provides an integrated solution based on open standards that reduces the time looking for information, and provides vertical integration through open access to the data required by technical applications and engineering workflows. This allows your engineers to choose the best tool for the job without being constrained by third party software.

National Oil Companies might use more than 20 different mud logging, MWD/LWD, cementing and rig instrumentation companies, and in most cases, the drilling, geology and geophysics teams are going to multiple vendor websites to access data. Further complicating matters, the vendors change from well to well.

PetroNOC manages this entire process for NOCs, ensuring data is available when you need it, in the format needed, and in the system where it should be. Our solutions let you access all data from a single easy-to-use site, allowing for fast decision-making and standardized data delivery from the rig site to the office and into the company network, applications and databases.

Petrolink has a proven ability to collect, transport, store and visualize data from all providers, and can provide that data to 3rd party analysis tools in real-time using WITSML.

WITSML (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language) is the open standard for transmitting technical drilling data. Petrolink is a recognized leader in WITSML solutions with over 15 years of participation in both writing the standard and delivering key WITSML technologies and advancements.

Petrolink was recently certified for WITSML – the latest release.